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          Life at Freddie Mac

          We value our inclusive environment and continue to strengthen our workforce by hiring top talent and giving them the opportunity to be their best.

          Finding the Best and Brightest Talent

          Finding the top talent from a diverse talent pool is a top priority toward helping Freddie Mac give more to the communities we serve. We provide our executives and hiring managers with the tools they need to ensure that diversity is a core component of our recruiting process. To cast the widest net possible during our talent search, we partner with diverse organizations to identify the best and brightest and to bring their talents to Freddie Mac.

          More Happens for Your Career

          We've built our success by developing our people to perform at their best. Providing our employees with more opportunities to grow their careers is our secret to keeping our talented and diverse workforce at Freddie Mac. Through Freddie Mac University, we offer hundreds of instructor-led and online courses to help employees strengthen their skills and get ahead. We also offer additional specialized training and tuition assistance for pursuit of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our commitment to diversity is total, from entry-level to executive positions. 

          A Workplace You Can Call Home

          Fostering an inclusive environment with a strong sense of community is important to creating an engaged workforce. Our nine employee resource groups (ERGs) work together to support our business goals, give back to the community, and provide employees with a powerful professional network. The groups also offer employees year-round opportunities for learning, networking, mentoring, and cultural enrichment.

          • Benefits

            Giving Freddie Mac employees more in return.


          • Diversity

            Supporting and inclusive environment for all employees.

          • Community

            Giving back to the communities where we live and work.

          • Our Employees

            The people helping build a better Freddie Mac, and a better housing finance system.

          • Innovation

            Discover the ways that technology and big data drives innovation and positive change.

          We're a Destination Employer

          Equal Opportunity in Employment and Contracting | Supplier Diversity Policy